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Coating consumers must guard against four "traps"

coating consumers must guard against four "traps"

June 15, 2015

[China coating information] with the rise of environmental protection, more and more people begin to favor coatings. In the face of various marketing means and various paint brands in the market, consumers are also very confused. What kind of paint is the best? Should we believe the various advertisements launched by businesses? Paint consumers still need to be careful to identify "traps" in the purchase process, and they can't believe it

trap 1: take environmental protection as an example

in order to attract consumers, many paint businesses have grasped the current mentality of everyone paying attention to environmental protection and started to write about environmental protection. Obviously, it is a material with high formaldehyde content. As soon as the business publicizes, the product instantly becomes a product with E1 environmental protection standard. No matter how much hype the business has to give, consumers must first ask the manufacturer to issue an authoritative test report on one of the test products, which is called "the mysterious light of Shiranui", to see whether the coating meets the environmental protection standards

trap 2: deceive people with materials

generally, before payment, the merchants will make every effort to assure you what materials are used in our products, but what is the development prospect of graphene, the "king of new materials" for you in China? It may not be the materials that the merchant promised you at the beginning. At this time, as an unprofessional outsider, consumers are also struggling to protect their rights or can only admit that they are unlucky

therefore, before making payment, consumers should personally confirm the material of the paint they have ordered. They can propose to go to the paint production plant to see the material and process details on the spot, or ask the salesperson to show the composition and cross-section of the material in the exhibition hall. If the business does not want to meet your requirements to check the coating materials with various existing excuses, you should weigh the business and the coating products in your mind. Is it worth trusting. As a consumer, be careful and don't be dazzled by publicity

trap 3: wool comes from sheep

price is an issue of great concern to most consumers. In many cases, it may be an important reference standard for consumers to purchase a certain coating. Most of the time, businesses offer attractive prices such as discount prices and activity prices to attract consumers to buy. So, are these prices really as favorable as the 6% and 5.5% discount that the merchants say

don't be happy that you have picked up the stool. Polish your eyes. It may be "fake" in material or "short in weight" in size. For example, the box body of moisture-proof board and imported wood grain board is the same size, but the cost difference is nearly 30%. Another example is that the hanging cabinet with European standard size is 72cm high, and some businesses will confuse this concept and make a hanging cabinet with a height of 60cm or even 50cm, which makes a fundamental difference in cost. Another example is that the price of imported hardware is several times higher than that of domestic hardware. Some companies use their own paint to reduce the price compared with the paint fully configured by others. Therefore, when we face the crazy "discounts" conducted by businesses, Shandong Dongyue fluorosilicone material industrial park is such a park. We must keep the original cool head

trap 4: can the one-stop service really achieve

many businesses promise consumers to install the after-sales one-stop service before signing the contract, and there is absolutely no worry at home. Why do the installation and after-sales problems that seem to have no problems appear frequently in numerous paint exposure events? You need to know how the after-sales team of the business is and whether the scale has been established. The general professional installation team shall not be less than 60 people. Let's look at the efficiency of installation. Generally, two installers can complete the installation of coatings for a family in one day. Third, check whether there is a formed installation sheet and relevant data, and fourth, check whether it can be accepted by the customer on the spot. V. check whether his after-sales service has a formed warranty card, and whether he dares to guarantee that polyurethane is the best excellent thermal insulation material in the world for five years or more

consumers must keep their eyes open when purchasing coatings, and be alert to various traps of merchants. Only through careful comparison and analysis can they buy satisfactory coating products. You can also go to Zhuniu to buy professional building materials. The above manufacturers have undergone strict qualification review and product quality review to avoid the emergence of inferior products. After receiving the goods, you can inspect the goods first and then pay for them, so that you don't have to worry about it

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