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Safety technology for construction of prestressed pipe pile by mechanical static pressure method

1 during construction, the mechanical driver shall concentrate, follow the command signal, and shall not leave the post at will. He shall always pay attention to the operation of the machinery, and shall immediately check and deal with any abnormality. To prevent the machinery from tilting, toppling, or sudden falling when the hydraulic pressure is not working

2 piles shall not be lifted until they reach 75% of the design strength, and shall not be transported and pressed until they reach 100%

3 during the lifting and handling of piles, the lifting points shall meet the design requirements. If there are no provisions in the design, complex data analysis can be carried out. When the pile length is within 16m, a lifting point can be used for lifting. The lifting point position shall be set at the pile length of 0.29 from the pile end

4 prior to pile pressing, the original buildings and underground pipelines within the adjacent construction range shall be inspected. For the affected works, effective reinforcement and protection measures shall be taken. During construction, observation shall be strengthened to ensure construction safety

5 the road for the pile driver must be flat and solid. If necessary, ballast should be paved and compacted by the road roller. Drainage ditches shall be dug around the site to facilitate drainage and ensure the safety when moving the pile driver

6 before pile sinking, all mechanical parts and lubrication conditions shall be comprehensively checked to see if the steel wire rope is in good condition. If there is any problem to be solved when the tensile testing machine fails, it shall be solved in time; The test run shall be carried out after the inspection. The first impact test standard gb229 (1) 963 did not appear until 1963. It is strictly prohibited to operate with defects. The pile pressing machinery and equipment shall be operated by specially assigned personnel, and the frame part shall be regularly checked for desoldering and loose bolts. Pay attention to the operation of the machinery, and strengthen the maintenance of the machinery to ensure the normal use of the machinery

7 the pile pressing frame shall be installed stably and firmly. When the pile is hoisted in place, the hoisting shall be slow, and the sliding rope shall be pulled to prevent the pile head from impacting the pile frame and damaging the pile body. Strengthen the inspection after hoisting, and handle the unsafe situation in time

8 in case of floor heave or subsidence during pile pressing, the rack and rail shall be leveled or leveled at any time

9 the on-site operators shall wear safety helmets, automatically save all experimental data and maintain the pile driver in curved space, and shall not throw objects down

10 sufficient lighting facilities must be provided for night construction; Pile sinking shall be stopped in thunderstorm, gale and fog

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