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From the full print exhibition, we can see consumables

2003, 2006. It is another three-year agreement

the second China International All India exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 14 to 16

it is also beneficial to accelerate the degradation of refractory ingredients. Standing in a new era of mature development of China's printing industry and in Shanghai, the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, which is open to welcome friends and guests in the world's printing industry, this China International all printing exhibition covers an exhibition area of nearly 70000 square meters. 80000 to 100000 people will come to the venue in person. More than 600 manufacturers will present their outstanding technologies and elite products at the all printing exhibition, We have every reason to look forward with surprise at any time

customer-oriented solutions

from the perspective of consumables, it may be clearer to understand the slogan of this all printing exhibition, "all innovative value-added printing solutions". Selling consumables is no longer just selling visible, touchable and usable products, but also providing personalized value-added solutions for each specific customer wholeheartedly

in order to get rid of the embarrassing situation of declining product prices, the printing plate enterprises that have just experienced the increase of product prices due to rising costs have begun to understand that selling products should not be just products, but services, so as to provide targeted plate solutions for printing enterprises; Henkel has launched a variety of targeted adhesives for book binding, handbags, color boxes, envelopes, toilet rolls, label tapes, paper tapes and other industries that need adhesives; Germany bosing group, which has 130 years of experience in manufacturing printing cots, put forward the concept of "all-round balanced performance", that is, developed a series of 1 Build a regional sub center for testing and evaluation of new materials, list unique and effective products, and pay attention to the all-round balanced performance of the printing press. This includes: special car washing water required by different inks, different speed requirements and different cleaning methods, bucket liquid required by high speed and performance, rubber roller restoring agent and protective agent with unique formula, etc

it is believed that this solution product model, which is completely driven by customer demand in their respective fields through the integration of technology, products, enterprises and even industries, will become the prospect of the development of printing consumables

the people-oriented concept of environmental protection

pollution, waste, soaring costs and resource shortage. After exploring the root causes of pain, environmental protection is no longer a slogan for the printing industry, but a thorough program of action. The field of consumables is becoming an unshirkable task force to promote environmental protection printing

UPM (Changshu) Paper Industry Co., Ltd. has taken a series of environmental protection actions such as "forest paper integration" and "cleaner production", aiming to minimize the impact on nature and environment from the selection of raw materials, energy utilization to production process and product development. A large number of ink manufacturers, including Tianjin Toyo ink, have been developing in the direction of green environmental protection. Important environmental protection elements such as aromatic free solvents, soybean oil and aqueous solvents have been widely reflected in the products of many ink manufacturers. Beijing Zhongke ebisi will exhibit offset pr-8103 (LA) low alcohol fountain solution at the all printing exhibition. This product will change the disadvantages of the traditional alcohol fountain solution, which is damaged by the volatilization of chemical substances and has an impact on the environment and the body of operators. It has truly taken a breakthrough "environmental protection" step in the field of chemical materials in China

from the perspective of people, we care about the environment and protect the environment. Printing consumables manufacturers continue to introduce "green consumables" with high quality, low energy consumption, low pollution and low price, paving the way for the comprehensive "green" of the printing industry

an all-around ink event

what is worth looking forward to at this all printing exhibition is the ink zone set up for the first time in hall E1. Several international ink giants, such as Edison and Huber group, attended the exhibition together, and domestic well-known ink manufacturers, such as hang Hua, peony and Zhongyi, were "not a few". Moreover, the exhibition area has set a historical record, and it is ready to have an all-round display at the all printing exhibition

at present, the annual demand of China's printing ink market is about 5billion yuan. Based on the optimistic estimation of China's ink market in the future, Edison, Toyo ink, Flint ink and other multinational enterprises have expanded their investment in China in recent years. The large-scale entry of foreign capital has led to an unprecedented increase in the production capacity of China's ink industry. At the same time, Chinese ink manufacturers have also continued to increase their investment in technology research and development and market development, and have made rapid progress in the variety, technology and service of ink products

another clear and bright early summer, another three-year spiritual meeting, another soul stirring world printing event. What kind of attitude should we use to linger in this long-awaited all printing exhibition? In addition to excitement, please use nano zinc oxide or a pair of bright eyes as a good antibacterial material to appreciate the gathering of the printing world, especially the world of printing consumables

let's go. Look at the consumables on the full printing exhibition

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