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The construction scheme of plastic flexible packaging laboratory

it has become the consensus of color printing plants to establish a laboratory to effectively control product quality and cope with the increasingly recent China Compulsory Certification (3C certification). But how to build a more economical and practical laboratory? The author has a few years' experience in testing equipment for reference

what are the conditions for establishing a small laboratory? First of all, a room of 20-30 square meters shall be prepared, a standard test bench shall be built, and the room shall be equipped with plumbing and compressed air. If conditions permit, it can set up a kitchen or exhaust fan with sufficient financial resources to support product technology development, so as to remove part of the exhaust gas generated in the test. Secondly, set up 1-2 full-time testers (quality inspectors) to formulate various raw materials, products and standards

then, equip with corresponding testing equipment. The most urgent task is the electronic tensile machine, which undertakes 70% of the testing volume in the laboratory; Secondly, if food packaging is produced, the gas chromatograph is also the top priority, because solvent residue has become the problem with the strongest social response

according to the above principles, landmark company should carefully operate and have patient laboratory configuration for the following small color printing enterprises during scraping

normal align=left> no. Name characteristics usage

normal align=left>1 gas chromatograph FID detection, capillary column, accurate determination of solvent residue, purity and impurities

normal align=left>2 high accuracy of analytical balance/practical determination of adhesive coating amount, quality change and other quantitative analysis (matched with chromatography)

normal align=left>2.1 high accuracy of electronic balance to reduce environmental pollution It has made a certain contribution to reducing the consumption of raw wood and protecting the forest. The operation is simple but the price increases.

normal align=left>3 electronic tensile machine is used to directly test/accurately measure the tensile, heat sealing, peeling, tearing and other strengths. The friction coefficient

normal align=le growth space is further opened. The ft>3.1 electronic tensile machine is of the same computer type. The operation is simple and the price increases by

normal align=left>4 time of heat sealing testing machine Temperature and pressure regulation &nb

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