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Construction scheme and safety measures for replacing the toothed plate of crusher

2210 crusher due to serious wear of toothed plate and teeth, the crushing effect is poor, which has caused a great amount of labor for coal preparation production and mechanical and electrical maintenance. According to the requirements of the plant Department, the mechanical and electrical workshop in the West District has replaced the toothed plate of 2110 crusher. In order to ensure the smooth replacement of the crusher toothed plate, the following construction scheme and safety measures are specially formulated:

I. work content

1. Remove the crusher toothed plate and its auxiliary bolts

2. Install the new crusher toothed plate and its auxiliary bolts

II. Preparation before construction

1. Determine the technical scheme for replacing the crusher toothed plate according to the process requirements and site environment

2. Contact the engineer office, dispatcher, safety supervisor, loading and unloading workshop and other units in advance to facilitate close cooperation during construction

3. Prepare in advance the tools and instruments required for removing and installing the toothed plate of the crusher (two electric wrenches, several M24 sockets, two sets of oxygen and acetylene, skid bars, wrenches, screwdrivers, sledgehammers, wooden wedges and other tools)

4. Materials and accessories (tooth plate, bolt, gasket, etc.) required for installing the crusher tooth plate shall be taken out from the property management department in advance and placed on site in a safe place

III. construction steps

1. Contact the dispatcher to inform the loading and unloading workshop in the west area to transport the accumulated coal in the 2110 crusher

2. The oxygen acetylene, sledge hammer, crowbar, electric wrench and other tools and instruments required for removing and installing the crusher toothed plate shall be transported to the site, and can be used only after being carefully checked by the safety director

3. Arrange a special person to power off and tag the 2110 main motor and oil pump, remove the motor wiring and fix it to the designated position, and power off and tag the upper hand selected belt 2106. Handle fire prevention report and put fire-fighting equipment in place

4. Cut off the flat steel welded at the connection between the crusher chute and the crusher, and remove its fixing bolts

5. Hang the chain block, and use the chain block to move the crusher eastward along the slide to the maintenance position (remove the feeding chute), so as to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the toothed plate in the crusher

6. For the replacement of the toothed plates at both ends, the steps of "first replace the uppermost toothed plate, rotate the crushing shaft by a certain angle, and then replace the next one" shall be taken, and this step shall be repeated. There are no special requirements for the replacement sequence, but it must be noted that the unbalanced force applied during replacement may cause sudden rotation of the shaft. A wooden wedge can be used to stop the rotation of the shaft and then replace it

7. Clean the bolt holes of the toothed plate with a high-pressure air gun. Pay attention to personal safety. Remove the nut with a socket wrench, cut off the nut with a gas cutter if necessary, remove the welding slag with a chisel, take out the gasket under the nut, take out the clamp block with a pointed nose pliers, and rotate the bolt 90 degrees counterclockwise to take out the bolt. Repeat this step to remove the other toothed plate bolts

8. Knock the toothed plate with a big hammer of about 6kg to loosen it with the toothed hub, and then take out the toothed plate by hand. It should be noted that the toothed plate weighs about 40kg, so pay attention to safety during handling

9. Before installing a new toothed plate, pay attention to ensure that the position where the toothed plate is placed must be clean, especially the surface of the contact surface between the toothed plate and the toothed plate bolt

10. When installing a new toothed plate, it is necessary to patiently adjust the toothed plate to the appropriate matching position, and knock it into the fixed position with a hammer

11. Fix the toothed plate bolt, put the toothed plate bolt into the bolt hole on the toothed plate, then rotate it by 90 degrees, put the clamp block into the bolt hole, and cling to the bolt to prevent the bolt from falling off. The number of plastic machines imported into China in recent years is also rapidly promoting the use of the gasket chamfered down sleeve on the bolt, and then tighten the nut. Repeat this step to install the other toothed plate bolts

12. Repeat the above steps to replace other toothed plates

13. Tighten the nut evenly several times. Rotate a crushing shaft with a long rod to ensure that there is no interference, otherwise adjust the position of the toothed plate. Local small problems can be adjusted by grinding with hand grinding wheel

14. Tighten the nut to the specified torque value with a torque wrench. The screw thread of the nut is non-standard metric system, and the specified torque value is 893 n * M

15. After the above steps are confirmed to be correct, move the whole machine to the installation position, tighten the machine body and chute bolts, and restore the cut flat steel

16. The construction personnel shall transmit power according to the equipment maintenance and acceptance system and the power cut-off and transmission system

17. After the electrician connects the line, the no-load test run: after starting, observe whether the operation is stable, the temperature rise of the bearing and the motor current

18. On load test run: after the no-load test run is normal, the on load test run can be carried out. The load should be gradually increased to the process requirements. The inspection content is the same as that of the no-load test run. At the same time, it should be determined whether the product indicators meet the production requirements

IV. construction organization

general principal of Construction: Zhu Lijie safety principal: Gao Feng

construction principal: Huang Shihua technical principal: Zhu Hu

quality principal: zhangguoqing

construction time: September 27, 2011 to September 30, 2011

safety measures

to strengthen the management of the construction process of the project, ensure the safe and smooth progress of the project, shorten the construction period and improve work efficiency, In combination with the relevant rules and regulations of the coal preparation plant, the following safety measures are specially formulated:

1. Assign a special person to list the 2110 and 2106 power outages according to the equipment power outage and transmission system

2. Before construction, the construction principal shall contact the post driver and sign on the post shift handover record book according to the equipment maintenance and acceptance system created with the characteristics of school intelligence

3. All construction personnel shall wear labor protection neatly, obey the unified command of the construction principal, and have the right to refuse illegal commands

4. All mobile electrical equipment must be carefully inspected by a specially assigned person before use to prevent electric shock accidents

5. Oxygen and acetylene shall be used as required, and all accessories shall be in good condition. The electric welding operation shall comply with relevant requirements and regulations. Before use, the safety director and the construction director shall jointly check whether the wiring terminals of the electric welding machine are reliable to prevent electric shock accidents

6. All used chain blocks and ropes must be jointly inspected by the safety director and the construction director before use. Tools and instruments that do not meet the requirements must not be used

7. During the lifting operation, it must be lifted steadily. All personnel, including the lifting personnel, are not allowed to stand under the heavy objects. The rope must be tied to the solid components and commanded by a specially assigned person. It is strictly prohibited to command and operate against rules

8. The ground of the operation site shall be clean and free of sundries, and fireworks are strictly prohibited in the operation area

9. Prevent slipping and hitting people in the process of handling heavy equipment

10. After the construction is completed, the quality director shall jointly confirm the construction quality with the construction director, and urge the construction personnel to clean up the construction site

11. The person in charge of construction shall sign on the shift handover book according to the equipment maintenance and acceptance system to confirm the completion of construction. The person in charge of safety can contact the person in charge of construction together with the post driver to report the completion to the dispatching office after confirming that the operation and conditioning are relatively simple and that the construction personnel have been evacuated. The power failure applicant requires power transmission

12. All construction personnel shall sign after learning the construction scheme and safety measures

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