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"Slimming" glass has potential safety hazards. Consumers need to be alert to the hollow glass measured in the glass processing plant, which is only 4.54mm thick

in order to make more money, manufacturers cut corners on production and materials, and did not produce glass according to national standards. In order to save the long-term storage cost of new adhesive materials, developers have quietly purchased these "slimming" glasses for use in real estate. Readers, do you use these "slimming" glasses for your doors and windows

when you are at home, do you feel that the glass is a little thin and will be broken by a slight bump? Mr. Fang, who lives in Yongchuan, suffered such trouble, and his elbow was scratched by the glass. Recently, a report was received that some processing plants were producing "slimming" glass windows and putting them into buildings under construction. Later, they went to the glass processing plants in the main city, as well as dozens of buildings and residential areas under construction in the main city, districts and counties. It was found that manufacturers and developers were indeed producing and using these "slimming" glass windows with a thickness of only 4.7MM. According to experts from Chongqing Design Institute, according to national standards, buildings under construction need to use at least 5.0mm thick glass, while "thin" glass is more likely to be broken and has potential safety hazards

the owner complained that the "slimming" glass broke and scratched his elbow

Mr. Fang, who lives in Kangan Shangdu, Yongchuan, called this newspaper a few days ago, claiming that his elbow was scratched by the "slimming" glass. Mr. Fang introduced that in 2010, when he was decorating his house, he bought several glass windows in a small door and window shop and installed them in the living room. Last Friday, while moving furniture at home, Mr. Fang accidentally bumped his left elbow against the glass window. Unexpectedly, the glass window broke immediately and cut a 2 cm wound on his elbow

Mr. Fang, who has been engaged in glass sales, said that he knew that there were cases of Jerry built glass windows, but he didn't have enough strength to hit the glass windows. Why did the glass break? With doubts, he immediately tested the glass thickness and found that it was "thin" by 0.3mm

production survey

3 factories produce "thin" glass

where do these "thin" glass windows come from? At noon on July 11, I came to a glass processing plant called Hengsen in the main city. In the middle of the plant, there were some hollow glass formed by the active chuck of the experimental machine whose moving speed under load was not more than 0.5L/min

at this time, a middle-aged male worker leaned over and introduced that the 5.0mm hollow glass was used to make doors and windows. "It's made of these glasses." The worker pointed to the original piece of glass next to him

take out the vernier caliper and measure on the spot. It is found that the insulating glass and the original piece are only about 4.5mm (according to the national standard, the allowable error is 0.2mm. This kind of glass is called 4.7MM glass). "How come the thickness I measured is not 5.0mm?" In the face of questioning, the worker said that national standards allow errors. But when he said the thickness measurement results, the worker was speechless and immediately changed the topic

later, I visited several glass processing plants around, and found that in addition to Hengsen glass processing plant, Xincheng glass processing plant and Zhuoyuan glass processing plant are also producing 4.7MM hollow glass

11 in the afternoon, I came to Zhuoyuan glass sales store and made a detailed inquiry about the 4.7MM and 5.0mm hollow glass. The saleswoman said that the price of 4.7MM insulating glass is 68 yuan/㎡. If the demand is large, the price can be less, while the price of 5.0mm insulating glass is 70 yuan/㎡

as for the sales of the two kinds of glass, the woman claimed that the sales were similar. The woman admitted that the 4.7MM insulating glass did not meet the national standard, but some developers would order this kind of glass to save costs. "We will clearly mark it as 4.7MM glass," she said After repeatedly asking which developers they sold these glasses to, the woman was alerted. She immediately denied: "we don't have 4.7MM glass."

use investigation

the "slimming" glass fragments in the building under construction

on July 13, we came to Hengsen glass processing plant again to investigate the flow direction of "slimming" glass. According to the workers, if the buyers are not knowledgeable, they will directly sell this "slimming" glass to each other. Surprisingly, there are also some construction sites to customize "slimming" glass. "It is mainly sold to distant places, such as Qijiang, Wanzhou and other places where people come to order." A female worker said

on July 14, I visited several new buildings in Jiangbei District and Jiulongpo District and tested some glass windows, but no trace of "slimming" glass was found. On July 15, in a building to be completed next to Qijiang printmaking square, a few hollow glasses were measured downstairs, and no "slimming" glass was found. However, I found 8 pieces of glass in the construction garbage outside the building, and found that one of the glass pieces with black adhesive was only about 4.5mm. According to construction engineer Li Jun (a pseudonym), the adhesive on the edge of this glass fragment is a unique mark on the edge of insulating glass, which can be determined to be used for doors and windows

user survey

owners' glass orders are often "downsized"

in the survey, it is found that developers use "downsized" glass more covertly, while the phenomenon of "downsized" glass is very prominent in the glass door and window products customized by owners themselves

on July 15, two glass window shops were found near Qijiang printmaking square. The staff of the store said that households generally use 4mm glass to make ordinary glass doors and windows, and only 5mm glass can be used to make them unless otherwise required. The original pieces of glass were measured on the spot. It was found that the glass used by the two stores to make glass doors and windows was only about 3.5mm and 4.5mm thick, both of which belonged to "slimming" glass

then, I came to the front door of a building just connected to the house next to Qijiang printmaking square and happened to see that the glass door customized by the owner was broken. The worker said that this was a 4mm thick glass door, which was accidentally broken by the lifter on the way. On the spot measurement found that the glass door was only about 3.5mm thick

in the next few days, I visited several residential areas in the main city and found that the glass doors and windows customized by the owners were still significantly reduced by 0.3mm

source investigation

the original glass was purchased from other places

for the source of "slimming" glass, an insider said that the original glass was shipped to Chongqing from other places. Hengsen glass workers said that they imported the original glass from the construction dock. Then he went to the construction dock and searched for a long time. Finally, he found the original glass sheet marked as 4.7MM (actually only about 4.5mm). The certificate shows that the manufacturer is located in an industrial park in Hanyang District, Wuhan

then contacted the manufacturer, and the woman said they made mirrors. After dialing the phone again, a male staff member admitted that they were indeed producing glass, but then he claimed that he was "too busy" and hung up

in this regard, the insider said that the manufacturer did not indicate how to use these glasses


it is difficult to investigate and deal with "slimming" glass driven by interests.

it is understood that the price of a normal 5.0mm hollow glass window is 70 yuan/㎡, while the price of a "slimming" 4.7MM hollow glass window is about 68 yuan/㎡. The insider said that at present, the price of 5.0mm glass is 18 yuan/㎡, while the price of "slimming" glass is about 2 yuan cheaper. In other words, the cost of qualified insulating glass is 18 yuan × 2=36 yuan, while "slimming" glass can reduce the cost or work 127 days a year to 16 yuan × 2=32 yuan, the cost is reduced by 4 yuan. Even if the insulating glass is sold for 2 yuan less per square meter, it will earn 2 yuan more than the qualified glass after processing. If the boss sells "slimming" glass as qualified glass, the profit will be more. Uninformed citizens may buy "slimming" glass at a lower price, and the boss will naturally "make small profits but quick turnover" and earn more

Li Jun, a construction engineer, said that for developers, because of the large number of orders, it may be cheaper by 3 yuan or more per square meter. However, a 30 story building may often order thousands of square meters of "slimming" glass windows, which can save at least 20000 yuan. This is a big temptation for small developers

according to the public, "slimming" glass windows have appeared for several years. Why hasn't it been discovered? Engineer Li Jun said frankly that once the glass doors and windows are installed, it is difficult to detect the glass thickness, so it is difficult to be found, and few people pay attention to this matter

at the early stage of the project, why was the "slimming" glass not inspected when purchasing? In this regard, Li Jun revealed that in the early stage of construction, the design drawings submitted for review must be in line with the national standards, and when leading the second purchase, the developers generally also enter the national standard glass. As the third-party "supervisor" who supervises the project quality, he may be familiar with the developer. After the first inspection is no problem, he is often careless. When the developer subsequently purchases the goods, he will check the goods in a hurry, or even may not check. Therefore, the developer has an opportunity to take advantage of this

Li Jun revealed that in fact, the amount of "slimming" glass windows used in the main cities and districts and counties may be the same, and it is estimated that "slimming" glass windows account for about 20% of the total


"thin" glass is more likely to break or even burst

Li Jun, a construction engineer, revealed that he had also encountered developers using "thin" glass as doors and windows during construction

"'slimming 'glass doors and windows must be more fragile." Li Jun said that the sound insulation and heat insulation effects of the households with "slimming" glass windows can not meet the national standards, and the load-bearing capacity of the glass windows has also been reduced, which has potential safety hazards. In hot summer, glass windows are more likely to crack or even burst when heated. On the outside of the building, glass windows with less than 1m2 of glass fiber fabric reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting plates are generally not tempered glass, and large pieces of glass fragments will appear after fracture, which is very dangerous for falling from high altitude

in addition, businesses directly use "slimming" glass windows to sell as authentic ones, and the interests and safety of owners cannot be guaranteed. The appearance of "slimming" glass also disrupted the regular glass market order in Chongqing

national standard

buildings under construction must use 5.0mm or more glass

it is understood that 3.7mm and 4.7MM glass are non-standard glass. So, can developers use this non-standard glass in the building

an architecture expert from Chongqing Design Institute, who asked not to be named, said that the thickness of glass used in buildings under construction must be 5mm or more. These standards are clearly stipulated in the technical specification for the application of architectural glass. The staff of the standardization department of Chongqing Construction Commission also said that the building can only use building materials that meet the national standards, and glass that does not meet the national standards is not allowed to be used, because there are potential safety hazards in the glass that does not meet the standards

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