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In the video of "inspecting a base" broadcast by CCTV "news network", Molike curtain made the headlines, rolling up his sleeves and cheering for our country

at 19:22 on June 24

in the video of "inspecting a base" broadcast by CCTV news network, Molike curtain made the headlines and cheered for our country to roll up its sleeves

in this passionate report, Molike curtain appeared nine times. As a space decoration, Molike plays a good role in setting off the atmosphere

the venue where this video appears is the cultural and sports center of a base of the PLA garrison in Shanxi. According to the head of molyk, it took only 6 days for the head of the force to choose molyk and finally install it. After receiving this order, the person in charge and the designer immediately went to the field to conduct research and investigation. After the team's in-depth discussion, they worked out a soft fitting scheme overnight, using Beige flannelette curtains as the matching design. The curtain is divided into three parts, the finished product is 10 meters high, the width is 35 meters, 41 meters and 35 meters respectively, and the total cloth is more than 1100 meters. After the curtain was installed, the person in charge of the army was full of praise for the service and effect of molyk


under the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Molike rose with the trend and walked through 35 years with the motherland. Molike has always been committed to original design and made in China, serving the country with strength and industry, contributing to the home furnishings of Chinese people and national industries

Molike will continue to use high-quality products

to cheer for our country





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