Paint purification market is a protracted war

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When it comes to fake and shoddy products, many well-known coating enterprises are helpless to this stubborn disease in the market. The cost of making and selling fake products is low, and it is difficult to crack down on fake products. The fake manufacturing dens that have just been knocked out soon resurfaced, and the crackdown on fake products has become a strange phenomenon in the industry every year. Insiders pointed out that purifying the market and reducing the harm of fake and shoddy products to consumers is a protracted war

interests drive Li Gui haunted

just after the Spring Festival, another unqualified coating incident was exposed. On March 5, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision announced that in the special supervision and random inspection of the quality of exterior wall coating products produced and sold in the city, 10% of the products were unqualified, involving the problems of contrast rate, stain resistance and scrub resistance

the reporter learned from relevant coating enterprises that at present, the phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy in the coating industry is very rampant, disrupting the normal order of the market. Although quality inspection reports are required to enter the market, some enterprises with low integrity have different performance between products on sale and products submitted for inspection, and consumers are often deceived by quality inspection reports when purchasing these coatings. The reporter learned from the interview that the object of spot check is only a small part of the paint market. Therefore, quality assurance can only rely on enterprise self-discipline, but some enterprises cut corners in order to pursue profits

in addition, at present, the phenomenon of counterfeiting famous brands is everywhere in the market, especially fake latex paint and polyester paint, which is also the most troublesome thing for leading enterprises. Because the cost of violating the law is relatively low and the difficulty of law enforcement is relatively large, the effect of cracking down on counterfeits has not been obvious. The person in charge of a coating enterprise in Shandong said. The reporter of China chemical industry news learned that only when manufacturers or consumers provide evidence, the industrial and commercial administration department will manage and crack down on these counterfeit products. At present, there is nothing that manufacturers can do about these counterfeit products. The sale of counterfeit products is extremely hidden unless intercepted on the spot. Because there is demand in the market, these fake products have a market. In the final analysis, it is driven by the interests of dealers. In some cases, the profit from selling genuine goods is 50 yuan, and that of fake goods is as high as 500 yuan. In order to reduce costs, illegal construction parties will put authentic products there as a cover and secretly use a large number of fake goods. The above person in charge pointed out

however, these unqualified coatings are usually produced by underground factories. The manufacturing and selling of fake coatings have regional and individual characteristics, and the location is hidden, which is not easy to be detected, increasing the cost of cracking down on fake coatings

the atmosphere is formed, and everyone is busy collecting firewood

the reporter learned from the enterprise that the main reasons for the difficulty of cracking down on paint counterfeiting are the scattered power of cracking down on counterfeiting, the poor control of the source of counterfeiting, and the weak law enforcement, which make the crackdown on counterfeiting difficult to persevere. With the intensification of market competition, leading enterprises are increasingly troubled by trademark infringement and fake and shoddy products. Enterprises have carried out anti-counterfeiting actions in their own ways. However, in the process of cracking down on counterfeits, the strength of a single enterprise is weak and it is difficult to achieve results. In order to change the unfavorable situation of fighting alone, in May 2012, 16 coating enterprises including garberry, China Resources, Metso, Dabao chemical, bards, zhanchen and AkzoNobel launched the anti counterfeiting alliance of Guangdong coating industry, hoping to give full play to the role of the public service platform of the alliance, establish a long-term mechanism for combating counterfeits and safeguarding rights in Guangdong coating industry, and maintain the market order of the industry

the China paint industry association also actively participated in the fight against counterfeiting and shoddy. At the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, solvent based wood coatings from some popular enterprises with relatively moderate prices were selected from the market for testing

with the continuous popularization of online marketing, the form of cracking down on fake paint is also advancing with the times. For example, in recent years, microblogging has become very popular. Cracking down on counterfeits through microblogging has gradually become an important means of safeguarding rights, and there are countless successful cases

with the formation of the anti counterfeiting atmosphere, more and more anti counterfeiting cases have been reported in the newspapers. In April, 2014, Zhongshan Lisa paint joint industrial and commercial department investigated and dealt with the fake and inferior products of desert star produced by desert oasis paint Co., Ltd; In October 2014, Jiangmen Dabao was seized by the court for infringing Dongguan Dabao; In November, 2014, two garberry went to court in Changsha

joint efforts of enterprises and consumers to protect rights and interests

it is understood that some inferior coatings are very harmful to human body. Formaldehyde, benzene homologues, heavy metals and other harmful substances in interior wall coatings and wood coatings will cause chronic poisoning and damage the nervous system and blood production system if they are repeatedly exposed for a long time

insiders pointed out that in order to reduce the infringement of fake and shoddy products on the market, in addition to the efforts of enterprises, consumers should also polish their eyes and cooperate closely

changing soup without changing medicine is the most common method of counterfeiting in the coating industry, which requires coating enterprises to make more efforts in the anti-counterfeiting identification of packaging barrels. The reporter learned from Jiabaoli company that the company uses an advanced anti-counterfeiting bar code labeling system. As long as you query the 15 or 16 digit identification code on the white label of each product, you can check the corresponding product name, number, production date, production batch number and other important information

when there is demand in the market, there will be fake and inferior products. A person in charge of the incredibly home told the China chemical industry news that the coatings sold in the formal building materials market have formal quality inspection reports, and products that do not meet national standards are not allowed to enter. However, in some small and medium-sized building materials markets or scattered sales places, the coating quality lacks strong control and supervision, and there may be a mixed phenomenon. The person in charge reminded consumers to choose formal building materials markets or franchised stores as much as possible when purchasing coatings. When purchasing coatings, they should carefully check the recent national sampling inspection report presented by the testing department above the provincial level, and pay attention to retain relevant evidence when purchasing and using coatings




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