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80 square meters of home, the space is mainly green, with modern simple style home decoration. The overall design concept of rural style Meijia not only meets the requirements of low-carbon life, but also does not lose the elegant beauty of fashion

the integrated open design of the guest restaurant creates a spacious and bright home space for residents, and the comfortable environment adds infinite comfort to life, which helps to alleviate people's physical and mental fatigue. The background wall of the sofa in the living room is not painted with light green paint, but decorated with wallpaper with green patterns, which effectively avoids the monotony and conforms to the design of the space's pastoral style. In addition, the fabric sofa with simple shape and comfortable sitting feeling reflects the beauty of elegance and fashion. The decoration of colored pillows on the sofa undoubtedly adds a warm feeling to the space

the light green overall cabinet not only brings people a beautiful visual enjoyment, but also has a powerful storage function to easily solve the storage problems of space. At the same time, it establishes the keynote of the rural style of the kitchen, which is very fresh and pleasant. The ground flour green checkered tiles are interspersed with bright yellow mosaics, and the bright colors enhance the visual jumping sense, making the space appear colorful

although the bedroom is compact, it does not make people feel nervous and depressed. The background wall is painted with Turquoise paint, and the fresh color brings a pleasant feeling, which can't help but make people feel comfortable. At the same time, the double bed and bedside table made of black solid wood look thick and stable, glowing with the simple and natural flavor of American pastoral style, highlighting the low-key life attitude of the owner. The white wardrobe against the wall is full of modernity, and the clean and pure color makes the space a little more elegant

the decoration design of children's room is often based on the concept of health and green, giving children the greatest comfort. In this idyllic bedroom, the green background wall shortens the distance between children and nature, and the pure color brings children a happy and comfortable mood. The green and environmental protection of the solid wood children's bed is conducive to the healthy growth of children, and the choice of upper and lower bunks of the bed effectively saves space





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