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Zhihua's beautiful new home furnishing product, beautiful family, appeared at the Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition. The beautiful family series has a delicate and soft classic decor, with a golden Phoebe covered frame, which is continuous and exciting

as the most important wardrobe industry base in China, Guangzhou plays a decisive role in the domestic wardrobe industry. The 4th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition, CO hosted by the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and Shenzhen Asia Pacific Media Co., Ltd., will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. As the only professional wardrobe exhibition in China, China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition has built an efficient communication and cooperation platform for the wardrobe industry. It is a stage for wardrobe people to show their fine products and discuss development strategies. It is also a grand event for the wardrobe industry in China

beautiful family series sliding door wardrobe

Zhihua home has surprised you for three consecutive exhibitions. Then, what kind of surprise will Zhihua home bring to you at the fourth wardrobe exhibition

beautiful family series bedrooms

this exhibition, Zhihua home brought a harmonious and wonderful beautiful beautiful world series products to the market. The elegant family series has a delicate and soft classic decor, golden Phoebe covered frame, which is continuous and exciting. It gently divides the low-key and luxurious Beige bright florets harmoniously and skillfully, and the overall atmosphere is natural and fresh, as if wandering in the sea of flowers, romantic and warm. A beautiful aristocratic family with warm colors can easily and harmoniously integrate into the living environment, creating a strong petty bourgeoisie atmosphere. It is the best home partner for modern and fashionable white-collar workers

Zhihua home is not designed for design, but only for life

simplicity is not simple. It shows fashion in simplicity, comforts people's soul in fashion, and satisfies people's vision in simplicity. This is called connotation

it is Zhihua's historical mission to always be at the forefront of fashion wardrobe design and always lead the trend of wardrobe

we have always cherished an international vision, a professional leading spirit and a new lifestyle to help people who are happy to enjoy life realize their dream of a senior bedroom

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