How to renovate leather sofa

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Most people have a soft spot for leather sofas, but after a long time, there will be various problems, such as fading and rotten leather. At this time, the luxurious leather sofa becomes very ugly, but it's a pity to lose it. Then, in order to reduce our cost, we can renovate the leather sofa. How to renovate the leather sofa? Follow Xiaobian to see how to renovate the leather sofa

how to renovate the leather sofa

first, paint renovation

if the surface of the leather sofa is only slightly stained, faded, aged, cracked, cracked, then you can use the paint renovation method. Paint renovation is to repair the wear and tear on the surface of the leather sofa, mix the leather paint with the same color as the original sofa, and paint the leather sofa again, so that the leather sofa can restore its original color

second, leather renovation

if the surface of the sofa is seriously damaged and broken into holes, then the leather renovation method can be adopted, that is, to re stick a layer of new leather on the seriously damaged part of the sofa, and then re paint the sofa to restore the same color. The whole set of sofa can also be renovated by sticking leather. You can replace the sofa with a new layer of leather without taking it apart

when there is slight dirt on the surface of the leather sofa, we can use the nursing oil with dual functions of cleaning and maintenance to clean and care the surface directly. The process is as follows:

1. Apply the cleaning agent on the skin surface, and then use a professional steam engine to dissolve the catalytic stains. Quickly absorb the dissolved sewage with a dry towel to prevent it from penetrating into the capillaries of the skin. Wipe the clean towel once as a whole and dry it with a hot air machine

2. Use patching cream to repair the skin where there is local peeling! Elastic glue is used for bonding at local damage. (it will not harden after drying)

3. Color mixing on site, use an adjustable spray gun for coloring treatment, dry it with a hot air blower, check whether the color is uniform, spray a color fixing agent for color fixing treatment, and dry it with a hot air blower

the leather of a real leather sofa is very precious. Just like human skin, it needs professional and careful maintenance to be as new as ever. Once the leather is hard, cracked or discolored, it is very cost-effective to choose to renovate the sofa as long as the skeleton of the sofa is intact. Friends, how's it going? After reading how to renovate the leather sofa taught by home experts, did it benefit you a lot





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