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Humans of Mallorca – just looking to live - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Choice is available to those with money and there are plenty of them in Mallorca. For the overall benefit of the island our rich friends are extremely importantPfizer and BioNTech have been consistently delivering around 1 million doses from Brussels each week since mid-March. They have enough to fund an army of people to look after their needs.

They build and renovate houses which need staff to look after them:1620041926748,. They use Nannies and Chauffeurs and online shopping with a vengeance. They enjoy the skills of the finest beauticians and hairdressers Mallorca has to offerConcerts, festivals. Some entertain lavishly and need the superior chefs and restaurants of our island. Many own beautiful yachts and rent them out to other rich people when they are not using it themselvesHigh schools have reopened in Greece to students i. There is no doubt that our island benefits from this significant group of people from many parts of Europe and beyond.

In the past, some of the rich incomers to Spain were considered a bit suspect. Proceeds of crime and the police interest in the way they flashed the cash was commonThe study of 12- through 15-year-old volunteers will be monitored for two years. Ponzi schemes and ‘too good to be true’ investments have been a feature of our lives here and we have all learned to know the signs.

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